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Zipett is an all-in-one digital platform that allows both businesses and consumers to transact

with treasury backed crypto, convert between digital currencies with the flick of a button, and

finally shop with crypto as easily as buying a cup of coffee with a debit card.

Why Should You Use Zipett

Your crypto, your way

Our platform enables you to use crypto at the day-to-day transactional level - whether its buying a cup of coffee, going to your local mechanic or eating at a cafe, Zipett makes it not only possible but easy!

Community rewards

When you create your free account with Zipett, not only will you be rewarded for joining, but you will also gain access to our special rewards program - meaning you get paid just for sharing.

Be part of the future

With trust in centralised systems and big banks becoming lower every day, more and more people are wanting to diversify by getting involved in crypto.

The challenge has been how and where to get started - we fix this by giving you a safer, more reliable way to take part in the crypto revolution.

Up until now, it has been near impossible to actually use crypto for day-to-day purchases.

As a business, you haven't been able to accept it due to the volatility - why sell a coffee for $5 today and risk having that $5 be cut in half due to a shift in the market tomorrow?

As a consumer the roadblock has been high fees and low usability - how can you justify buying that coffee for $5 and then receive a $60 fee for doing the transaction?

When we created Zipett, our vision was to make blockchain and
cryptocurrency more consumable for everyone, no matter your
level of income or technical prowess.

The Solution We
Created was Simple

  • A marketplace or shopping
  • A community rewarded for helping grow the project
  • An easy-to-use platform which makes entering the crypto world as easy as putting on your shoes
  • A treasury backed stable currency for making purchases

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Features list

For transacting in the Zipett community we have our internal Z-Currencies, which are built on a centralized, audited system for instant transfers with no gas fees.

This makes changing between currencies as effortless as sending a text message.

If you're using Zipett to buy or sell items, our ever-growing network will help you connect with the right people, at the right price.

Our geo-functions will be a game-changer for helping you discover discounts, specials and offers - targeted towards where you are and what you want.

see something you like? Simply hit the 'buy now' button and make your purchases.

As Zipett expands, we will keep you not only up to date with our exciting updates, but also help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the broader digital currency space...

The treasury function and balances are monitored and revied by a reputable international accounting firm as part of our regulatory requirements

Our P2P trust-based moderation ensures a self-cleansing system and guards against bad actors; and our heavy focus on licensing (AFSL, LREA, etc) ensure we remain one of, if not the most compliant cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

We're bringing credibility to crypto, by ensuring that we are one of, if not the most regulatory-compliant digital currency platforms in the world. With world-leading legal advice and all pertinent licenses (AFSL, LREA and more), we make sure that your journey into crypto is as safe as can be.